My Story With Video

One glorious day…

When I was a little girl rockin’ my jelly shoes,

My best friend came over to play.

With her, she brought a brand new camcorder. And it blew my mind! I fell in love with how I could share emotions and stories with a little movie magic.

When my friend left that day I stole my parent’s camcorder and have been making videos ever since.

In High School I won multiple awards in the Utah High School Film Festival. And I am currently studying to be a YouTube content creator.

I’m always learning new film techniques and ways to put a fresh spin on my videos. When I daydream it’s more often than not about a video that I am working on or can create.

Do you need an amazing video for your Special Event? Shoot me a message letting me know what you love about my videos and what event you need filmed. As a Thank You, you will receive 10% off any of my Videography Packages.

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One thought on “My Story With Video

  1. Alexis is very talented! She has a new video playing in her head all the time. She loves to listen to her clients vision and create it for them. Always better than they thought possible.


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