Lands Covered in Ice: My Iceland Experience

Click HERE to watch the video I made in Iceland!

My first trip outside of the country definitely wasn’t what I imagined. Iceland wasn’t my first choice but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful and life changing trips that I have been on.

My boyfriend, Marcos, and I made a last minute decision when purchasing our tickets to Iceland through a Black Friday deal. The tickets were so cheap! It would be a perfect place to bring my new drone. Plus, have you seen Secret Life of Walter Mitty?! Come on, that place is breathtaking!

We arrived in the Reykjavík airport in the middle of January at 4am. My first impression of the country was “Oh my goodness, it’s freezing!… it’s dark… it’s snowing… and it’s freezing!” Once the sun came up, which was only for 5 hours, I was able to get a better feel of the land.

We took our little rental car (smaller than my Prius) and drove through the capital city, Reykjavík. It was so wild to see how differently this country was compared to the United States. The biggest city in the country had no tall buildings. In fact, the buildings were all quite small and everything was so closely placed.

Toward the beginning of our stay we took a tour bus to see the northern lights. The bus took us outside of the city and we got to see a glimpse of the northern lights but it was something that could only be seen through my camera. We were a little underwhelmed by the experience but that didn’t stop us from creating more adventures.

We took our little car through crazy snow storms where we only saw huge trucks and buses. It was dangerous but it was so worth it. We visited Gullfoss Falls, the Great Geysir, and Hotel Budir located on a lava field!

During our last days in Iceland we were walking in downtown Reykjavik taking in the scenery and enjoying some fish and chips. We were in a little museum when we overheard someone talking about the Northern lights. This person said that there were boats that take you out away from all of the city lights. He was probably a salesman sent to advertise to stupid tourists… but it worked on us!

That night we found ourselves on a little boat with five other people and our tour guide. The boat took us to a tiny island called Videy. It has a church, a cemetery, two homes, and the Imagine Peace Tower which was created by Yoko Ono as a memorial for John Lennon! Anyway, we followed our guide up a hill and waited…

Then, literally out of nowhere, green, blue, and orange lights appeared. They were dancing up and down the sky. We were watching the Northern Lights in all of their glory and it was surreal.

It was one of those moments that you JUST want to take in. I didn’t worry about my camera, getting the perfect shot, or even how much this trip was costing (heads up, it’s expensive once you get there).

I just sat and enjoyed because…

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention” – Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Do you have footage from a trip that you took? Contact me with information and I can put together a special video that you will want to watch over and over again!

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