Heart-Tugging Newborn Video

Baby Lewis, was born on March 21st 2018.

This is baby #2 for mother Rachel and she was in labor for a longer time with her first. So when her water broke with Lewis she was taking her time getting everything perfect for the newborn.

Including cleaning laundry and washing dishes 😂

When she finally decided to go to the birthing center, the baby was coming, and he was coming fast!!!

Rachel explained to me that she would have had him right there on the sidewalk, if she didn’t have help from her husband, Austin.

It was such an honor to capture the raw details of this newborn and his family. The tiny feet, little hands, and the pure love that his sister already has for him. Precious, just precious…

“We looooove the video thank you, thank you, thank you! We’ve already watched it like a billion times!! It’s something we will treasure forever.” – Rachel

If you (or anyone that you know) is having a little bundle of joy soon, shoot me a message and we will create something wonderful together!

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