The PKAN Project

Before I begin, I would like to say that this wasn’t  just a project for me. It is something that I really feel passionate about and I believe we can make a difference.

Recently I was contacted by client, Kirk, who had this idea to help a family who he cares for very much. The Jessop family have three children and all three have a rare, terminal disease called Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN).

As Kirk went into detail about this project and what he wanted to do, I had the strongest feeling that I had to do something. We immediately got to work and made plans to visit the family and a couple days later we were at their home filming.

I must say, these people are the warmest, sweetest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met and they were so great to work with!

So what is PKAN? As I came to learn, it is an incredibly rare and always fatal, disease. It creates build up in the brain, causing developmental difficulties. It slowly disables muscle growth and effects speech, walking, and motor skills. The Jessop’s oldest, Daron, has never been able to walk on his own.

This disease, up until now, has had no prospective cure. But recently, the doctors at the Spoonbill Foundation, in Oregon, have discovered a breakthrough treatment.

And that is where I come in,

The videos I have created for this cause are to help raise awareness and knowledge. We came up with the “Give So They Can Live Foundation” to help raise the $2 million that is needed to start the clinical trial. It will help the Jessop kids, and ALL the children with PKAN.

It’s a chance for them to live.

The way we see it, is if we can get 200,000 friends to donate $10 each then we can make this happen. We can give them hope.

To learn more check out my videos:

If you don’t have much time watch the Social Media Video

The 4 Minute Video has lots of great information!

And the Full Film is a short documentary of the Jessop Family and the struggles of PKAN

To Donated your $10 visit

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