Home in Payson Utah (Real Estate)

Real Estate Photography and Video has always been some of my favorite things to capture! I love imagining all the memories the families are going to have in these homes. In fact, when I create Real Estate Videos I incorporate what life would be like living in the home and neighborhood. I make it very … Continue reading Home in Payson Utah (Real Estate)

Enchanting Pacifica, Drone Footage

Click here to watch the video! Take a little journey to Pacifica, California. It is unlike any beach that you have ever seen. The waves are loud and the sand, at times, look black. It is hauntingly beautiful. So sit back and enjoy the sounds of the ocean… Need slow, beautiful drone work of a … Continue reading Enchanting Pacifica, Drone Footage

3 Simple Tips for Your Drone Videos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpdf7gUJ848&feature=youtu.be Drones are becoming more accessible by the day, allowing filmmakers and aerial photography enthusiasts to get creative with new products. As a filmmaker, I have been working with drones for a couple of years, and wanted to share a few basic tips to help you get started. (Note: If you’re in the United States, … Continue reading 3 Simple Tips for Your Drone Videos