Conestoga Ranch – Family Fun Commercial

Glamping?! Yes please!!! I had the wonderful opportunity to make a couple of videos for this place in Garden City called Conestoga Ranch ⛺️ This is the first of a couple of videos I have created.

They are a glamping (glamor+camping) site that make you feel like you’re at a resort while you’re “camping”.

It was soooo much fun and I seriously can’t wait to go back and show everyone I know! Watch the video to see what I’m talking about.

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Portrait Photos in Salt Lake City

Sara needed photos for her Instagram profile and Portfolio. So we went down to Salt Lake City, UT and walked around a couple of places. We had so much fun finding all these awesome and unexpected locations.


This Photo was taken at Memory Grove park located right next to the Capitol. I take photos here often because there is a lot of tree coverage and it’s so close to everything.


Next we went downtown and walked Main Street. The photo above was taken in front of the Zions Bank building. I was loving all the fall leaves and the beautiful greek columns.


I found this plain white wall right behind the Zions Bank. I love finding places like these because the photos really focus on the subject and it leaves lots of room for creativity.


Who doesn’t love Pastries?! We just couldn’t help taking a couple of photos in front of that gorgeous blue building. It adds such a wonderful pop of color!


Have you checked out the new Eccles Theater? Well it’s just breathtaking! Even the steps outside turned out to be a great photo location.


We wrapped up the session at the City Creek Mall for a different perspective of the Salt Lake Temple.  For some subtle Temple photos.


This session was such a great way to step back from my usual projects. Thank you Sara for the refreshing time!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Anniversary Photos Taken

Have you ever thought, Why should I get Anniversary Photos taken? Well no need to worry! I got your back. Scroll down to see the top 3 reasons why you should do it.


1. Your Legacy. Have you ever thought about what kind of legacy you’ll be leaving for your kids? For their kids? For the generations that come after you? Our legacy is what the people we love most and who love us most will remember us by when we’re gone – and legacy is what makes anniversary photos so important.


2. It’s an Investment. Initially it seems like a frivolous investment – which is why we kept putting it off. But that notion could not be further from the truth! It turns out, it is an incredible investment – not only into your home decor, beautiful photos, but also into your marriage! It is so awesome to look at the updated photos and see how you’ve changed, not only looks, but in your interactions with one another.


3. It’s Fun! It ends up being a BLAST of a date night. You get all dressed up and run around snuggling the love of your life. It’s worth it to plan dinner or something else fun afterwards.

So, why are anniversary photos so important? Because they are your physical legacy. They show how you’ve grown as a couple – and that’s something so precious worth remembering.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Family Photos Taken

Why should you have Family Photos taken? Here are just a couple of simple reasons why…

1. You will record life’s most precious moments.
Families are never the same; they’re always growing and changing. Don’t take your family’s current stage for granted, as it only takes a few months for your family to change and grow.


2. It’s time to get the whole family in the photo.
A lot of family photos are being taken as “selfies” with their smartphones. That’s fine but how many wide angle photos can you take with the camera above your head. If you book a professional session, you’ll get a high quality photo with the entire family in it. Now that’s worth something.


3. Give the gift of smiles and good memories.
Nothing can be a more personal and sincere gift than a family portrait. And what better way to convey the joy of the entire family but with professionally done family portraits?


4. Family photos make great home and office décor.
Give your house a pick me up by displaying your family’s portrait on your wall. Today everything is digital which is great for Instagram but how many photos do you have on a hard drive somewhere on your computer?


5. Family portraits are an investment.
Let’s be honest, professional services will always cost more than amateur. There is a reason for that. You get what you pay for. When you invest in quality portraiture you are investing in something that will be valuable for a lifetime. It has value the second you create it and it will become more valuable every single year guaranteed. I offer a variety of different plans for different budgets as well as payment plans.


So don’t make the mistake of thinking family portraits aren’t worth spending money on. You won’t make a better investment than one that will serve as a lasting keepsake the entire family can treasure forever, a lot of my families tell me that their family portraits are one of their most treasured possessions. I know my personal family portraits are. Make the time and you will never regret it.

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