Simple, Yet Elegant, Newborn Photos

I’m, more often than not, on JUST the Video and filming side of things but when I get an opportunity to take pictures I’m all over it! Especially when there’s a Newborn involved.

Photo Jun 08, 9 10 24 PM

I did this mini session right in baby Jasmine’s nursery right when the sun was going down. This provided warm lighting and soft colors.

Photo Jun 19, 10 29 50 AM

Although most baby’s sleep during this time, Jasmine was wide awake for most of the shoot. That just proves that the baby is always in charge during pictures. 😂


I hope you enjoyed a couple of the photos from this Session. Contact me if you want to capture your baby’s first moments!

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Colorful Maternity Session on Antelope Island

I can’t get over how dreamy and colorful these photos turned out!


Antelope Island is about an hour drive from Salt Lake City, UT. And it is worth every minute and more!


We had to brave the wind and cold that day but the photos still turned out Amazing.


And if you would like your next Photo and/or Video session taken at Antelope Island then Contact me and we will create something beautiful together!


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Swoon Worthy Baby Delivery Video

Click the link below to watch the video. (Just be sure to have a box of tissues close by 😉)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what a video is worth?!

That is why new parents, Mayra and Felipe, knew that it was SO important to capture this extraordinary moment with both pictures and video. That’s where I came in!

Now they have a stunning video, to not only share with family and friends, but with baby Jasmine in the future. They can always relive the moment.

This is such an incredible memory to have and I am charmed that I got to be a part of this day.

If you, or someone special to you, is having a newborn message me and we will create a gorgeous video together!

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The Coolest Lifestyle Video Ever!!!

Have you ever had news so big that you need to make a video to announce it?

That’s exactly the predicament that Jake and Aubrey found themselves in.

They had just heard the wonderful news that they were pregnant! (spoiler alert)

This came as a total and complete shock to both of them because they literally had a 0.3% chances of getting pregnant.

Although they were not planning this miracle, they were both so excited and ready to share the news with their five other children ages 8-17.

They saw this as a great opportunity and decided to surprise the children and record the whole thing.

Aubrey called me up, told me the fantastic news, and we got to work on an elaborate plan…

Jake and Aubrey told the kids that they were going to the Bonneville Salt Flats to take family pictures for Christmas cards. Aubrey put a “secret” box together and told the kids that the gift was a surprise for Jake’s birthday.

Once we got to the Salt Flats we took some pictures, shot some video, and then got the family together. Aubrey told Jake to open his “surprise gift”…


…Out comes this huge balloon! Attached to it, the ultrasound picture!!!

The kids went nuts! Most of them didn’t believe it at first. It was definitely the last thing that they had expected.

After understanding that this was real, and not a prank, everyone was thinking of baby names and feeling Aubrey’s belly.

As a way to announce to friends and family they shared this video.

And now they can always look back on the video and relive the reactions shared that day.

Do you have big news? Contact me and we will share the news with something awesome!

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