Blue Dusk First Look at Salt Flats I had the opportunity to work with some very talented vendors in the Salt Lake City area. We all created and staged this gorgeous "first look". Couldn't have asked for more colorful and unique location. The lighting changes so fast, so it's a challenge to change camera settings. But it's worth every second. Videographer End … Continue reading Blue Dusk First Look at Salt Flats

Magical First Look at Utah Salt Flats The Bonneville Salt Flats are by far one of my favorite places to capture. So many beautiful and rich colors. So simple yet so classic, just like this video. Videographer End of May Productions LLC Host Lost in Photography 97 Suit DC Tuxedos Dress Something Borrowed Bridals Florals Meg Kathleen Designs HUMA Addison Ivie … Continue reading Magical First Look at Utah Salt Flats

The Coolest Lifestyle Video Ever!!!

Have you ever had news so big that you need to make a video to announce it? That’s exactly the predicament that Jake and Aubrey found themselves in. They had just heard the wonderful news that they were pregnant! (spoiler alert) This came as a total and complete shock to both of them because they … Continue reading The Coolest Lifestyle Video Ever!!!